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I'm visiting Conimicut Point Park in Warwick along with many fishermen, families and children. The weather is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and a bit cloudy. Let's discover this beautiful area and reveal the invisible (and smallest) creatures of the sea. 

Come on, lets be amazing like plankton!!

Whoa those were some neat finds!







A veliger is the planktonic larva of many kinds of sea snails and freshwater snails, as well as most bivalve molluscs (clams) and tusk shells.


What's that?

Conimicut Point Park

"Thousands of single celled organisms live inside me and rely on me for transportation in the water column.
Oh look I can carry 5 plankton friends! Here lets take a closer look and I'll help you see them under this microscope."

Plankton Tow

Set up!

-take two breaths...for one of those, you can now thank my friends for. Plankton provides the oxygen we need to breathe everyday.


-go for a swim and only float... you are now acting like a plankton. Plankton drift in the water column with the inability to swim against the current. Imagine living with no control over where you are heading!

- close your eyes and have someone turn on and off a light in a room. Can you tell when the light is on? This is how animal-like plankton (zooplankton) see!

-something on copepod speed/ faster than race car 

Try it with me

The Field Work and Site Exploration

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