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ust a quick dive in and it's amazing how many invasive organisms there are.

Sea squirts, red macroalgae, oyster thieves, Pacific shore crabs, green crabs, and Asian clams!


They all hitched a ride on ocean going vessels from other coastal areas around the world.

Ahoy matey!! Today I am adventuring at Wickford Cove. The docks are full of many different ships but I can't seem to find my favorite type, the pirate ship! Our bounty today is actually below the surface, as we discover some invasive species brought over by ships from foreign lands. The explorers will show us how to turn these squishy species into beautiful kaleidoscopic images.

Wickford Cove

It's easy as...

1. download this app

2. make your own kaleidoscope by waving the camera screen over your findings!

3. Tah-dah!! A masterpiece

Invasives can multiply and take over a scene, but it's usually not so pretty.

Look I can do it too!


Set up for Kaleidoscope

Here are the steps on how to make your own kaleidoscope image!

They showed us how to make it!

These incredible kaleidoscope images are actually made from species found on the dock.

Shiver me timbers!! Back in the day, this big beaut and other cargo ships smuggled in quite the harmful booty. Let's take a closer look at what they emptied from their ballast tanks that wound up in Wickford Cove.  



Dive In

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