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After  completing all this work  I'm hungry!


Oh look, the journal has a Local Fastfish restaurant menu full of all the things caught in the nets. I think I'll eat here!  It would be great to find a restaurant that is conscious of what fish are abundant and which are overfished. Eating an invasive species could help reducing their overall amount and decrease fishing demand on native species. 

I wonder how jellyfish taste??

Hi there! Today I am adventuring on a fish trawl that departed from the shipyard in North Kingstown. Out here in the middle of the bay there is plenty to see, but a lot goes on under the waves that most people never see! So what is a fish trawl you ask? Come with me and I will show you!

Fish Trawl

At the end of this exciting trip, we had to make sure all the creatures got home safely. So off the edge of the boat went spider crabs, sea robins, skates, dogfish, lobsters, and flounder. The seagulls were waiting but didn't get any snacks that day!

Look the journal is a recipe book!

The Local Fastfish

-------------------- Menu --------------------

Summer 2017


-------------------- Starter: Crab --------------------


This long legged crustacean is round, spiny, and has a pointed snout. Spider crabs are messy eaters which gives them usually a muddy, green color from all the algae they scoop up and stick to the hairs on their shell for camouflage.

Spider Crab

The bottom feeding sea robin is known as the aquatic nuisance as there is quite an abundance of them in a trawls catch. Their mild flavor and flaky skin when cooked actually make for a meaty meal at a good price. *sustainable choice

Sea Robin

-------------------- Entree: Fish --------------------


-------------------- Dessert: Other --------------------


The lobster is a meaty invertebrates with a hard protective outer shell or skeleton. They can be highly priced due to demand around coastal areas. *species at risk



Dive In

 Less than a mile off the coast, between Jamestown and Middletown, Captain Bert dropped his trawling net into the bay. After just 20 minutes the net was reeled in with an abundant catch.

hmmmm, I wonder how jellyfish taste??

Sea Robin Tomato Soup

A Chinese-style fish soup cooked with sea robin, tomato and tofu

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