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Turns out those bugs were amphipods and they can live on the beach and IN the water too...which is how they became the baby cuttlefish's breakfast!

What's a cuttlefish, you ask? A cuttlefish is not a fish nor something you probably want to cuddle no matter how really cute the are. Cuttlefish are actually related to octopuses and squid and have 8 arms, 2 tenticals, suckers and ink projection they use when frightened. 

What's up!! Today I followed the journal to Jacobs Point in Warren. This is a great place just around the corner from the Audubon Center and right off the East Bay bike path. The explorers were collecting amphipods; little creatures that live along the shore. 

Jacob's Point

Cuttlefish are really good at camouflage. Can you see one under this arch?  

As I came ashore I spotted some humans lifting up rocks and dried up seaweed that was caked on the beach. I wondered what they were up to. So I got a little closer and saw they were dancing with white nets trying to catch tiny little bouncing bugs.  Al I could wonder was, why? 

So I followed the people back to a lab, where the were feeding the bugs to tiny little cuttlefish!!!

Hey SURF! There's a whole community of scientists and naturalists just waiting to help you figure out what you found.

Did you know that when you find something strange at the beach or in the woods you can look it up on iNaturalist?



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Amphipod: I look like this!

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